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Spiro State Bank has been involved in the development of many community projects and activities, with directors and employees serving on various committees and boards. The Bank is a member of the local Chambers of Commerce, supporting its activities to further improve the towns and area in which we live.

Spiro State Bank has made many donations and contributions to the area schools, the various little league associations in area towns, FFA Sales, as well as the library and many other organizations.

Spiro State Bank is interested in the growth of the community and welfare of the people who live here. When applied for by area churches, community organizations or municipalities, the bank has been pleased to have had the opportunity to make loans to these organizations for building improvements or additions. Spiro State Bank has made substantial contributions to the Spiro School Foundation for Excellence in Education and has long been a financial supporter of the Carl Albert State College and has been active in the Adopt-A-Scholar program for the past several years.